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Laser Spine Surgery At Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics

Representation of Spine with Pain in Lower AreaLaser spine surgery is often used in conjunction with minimally invasive spine surgery to alleviate pain caused by bones compressing on nerves, spine tumors and herniated discs. Instead of using tools such as a scalpel to perform incisions, with laser spine surgery a state-of-the-art laser is used to remove tumors. It is important to understand other traditional surgical instruments are used to remove bone and ligaments while the laser is only used for the tumor extraction portion of the surgery. Lasers have been used in surgery since 1973 and provide patients with a quick recovery time, less pain, and less blood loss.

A Trusted Team Performing Laser Spine Surgery

Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics (CNSO) is comprised of board-certified neurosurgeons who are spine surgeons, physiatrists, pain management physician, and physical therapists. The collective spine team of CNSO forms the state’s only comprehensive brain, neck and back care center. With multiple facilities throughout northern New Jersey from Morris County to Hudson County and including nearby towns including Sparta, Saddle Brook, and Wayne NJ, patients are welcome to contact CNSO where renowned experts can best determine if laser spine surgery is the ideal option to alleviate their symptoms.
While considered a minimally invasive surgery, laser spine surgery does require an initial incision to insert the laser into the spine.

Medical Staff Members of Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics

Our Medical Staff

In order to provide an accurate diagnosis with the most effective treatment option for “back problems” and brain tumors, CNSO is led by neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons. Under the care of our award-winning neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons, Northern NJ patients can have the confidence that their medical condition will be handled with consideration for their comfort and long-term well-being as well as technical excellence.

Centers for Neurosurgery Spine & Orthopedics
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