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Surgical and Non-Surgical Options Offered By the New Jersey CNSO Team of Specialists

Patients often delay seeking treatment for joint pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, or loss of balance, because they assume these symptoms will resolve on their own. These signs and symptoms may imply a more serious condition which requires the expertise of a medical professional. At Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics, our team offers a thorough evaluation and the most advanced non-surgical and surgical treatment for any medical condition affecting the spine, brain, nervous system, joints, or musculoskeletal system. Starting with the first consultation in one of our New Jersey locations, patients begin to receive the treatment needed to eliminate pain, restore mobility, and improve quality of life.

Team Approach

CNSO has an All-Encompassing Diagnostic and Treatment Process

When you visit Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics, our physician will perform a comprehensive examination of both your medical history and your current physical condition.  The CNSO staff will guide you on how to provide our doctors access to your previous medical records.   Our physicians have credentials at many imaging centers and hospitals throughout Northern New Jersey and so they can review your past diagnostic testing prior to your first visit.  Reviewing your past testing helps CNSO doctors gain a clearer picture as to the cause of your symptoms and prevents unnecessary retesting. It also aids in a providing a more expedient analysis of your current medical condition and helps to form the best treatment plan. 

After establishing your diagnosis, the CNSO physicians will provide you with a thorough explanation of your medical condition. The most successful treatment options and its clinical course will be discussed in detail. Together, you will start upon the best treatment plan for your relief from discomfort and a return to daily living.

High Quality Comprehensive Brain, Neck, and Back Care

 All brain and spine conditions are complex and require the management by multiple specialists. CNSO understands the intrinsic importance of collaboration between specialists. This rationale led CNSO to first develop a top-rated team of specialists in 2007. Since that time CNSO has grown and now has highly regarded specialist at each of its six office locations. Our specialists include:

  • Neurosurgeons specialized in brain tumors and microvascular decompression surgery
  • Neurosurgeons specialized in spine surgery
  • Orthopedic Spine Surgeons
  • Physical Therapists
  • Pain Management Physicians
  • Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians

The CNSO team is New Jersey’s most comprehensive brain, spine and musculoskeletal care center. Our surgeons have privileges at every top, Award-Winning hospital in Northern New Jersey. The CNSO patient benefits from having dedicated CNSO staff at one convenient location, who organize, collaborate, and provide the full spectrum of care, from diagnosis to treatment. This includes the coordination of hospital-based surgery and radiation oncology. Our surgeons are affiliated with the top New Jersey hospitals and utilize the most advanced technology for brain and spine surgery as well as specialized radiation and chemotherapy oncologists.   

CNSO Provides Both Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-Surgical Treatments

Conservative care is often the best treatment method because not all pain can be cured by surgery. Most of the patients at CNSO find relief from their neck, back, or musculoskeletal condition through conservative treatment methods. These non-surgical options have a same day recovery time with minimal downtime. Depending on the medical condition, non-surgical treatment may only be a phase in time or it may require continued maintenance. The CNSO goal is to minimize the amount of time you have to spend at the doctor’s office and maximize your daily activities, free from procedures and pain medications. Our non-surgical treatments include:

    • Physical therapy
    • Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Joint Injections
    • Steroid Injections
    • Trigger point injection
    • Epidurals
    • Rhizotomy
    • Transforaminal injections
    • Chiropractic care
    • Acupuncture
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Adjunctive pain medication for non-opioid pain relief
    • Opiate medications
    • Exercise
    • Braces and supportive equipment
    • And more!

Surgical Treatments for Brain and Spine Patients

While non-surgical methods can be highly effective for many conditions or can delay the need for surgery in certain medical conditions, spine or brain structural abnormalities that cause debilitating symptoms can only be cured through a surgical procedure. Brain tumors, spine tumors, and severe spinal deformities do not resolve without intervention. Based on medical studies, most other spine conditions, however, have guidelines established by organizations such as NASS and AANS, that strongly recommend an attempt to resolve the symptoms conservatively and prior to a spine operation. CNSO’s highly skilled surgeons follow the recognized guidelines and strive to deliver effective care that complies with these recognized guidelines, while minimizing your discomfort and downtime. When surgery is indicated, below is list of some of the surgical procedures CNSO surgeons commonly perform:

    • Brain Tumor Removal
    • Cerebral Microvascular Decompression for Facial Pain or Spasm Surgery
    • Nerve Tumor Removal
    • Spine Tumor Removal
    • Robotic Spine Surgery
    • Spinal Deformity Corrective Surgery using Minimally Invasive Techniques
    • Revision Spine Surgery
    • Complex Spine Surgery
    • Discectomy
    • Laminectomy
    • Spinal Fusion Surgery
    • Spinal Decompression Surgery
    • Cervical Disc Replacement
    • Scoliosis Corrective Surgery
    • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
    • Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery
    • Hydrocephalus Shunting
    • Stoke Requiring Blood Clot Evacuation from the Brain
    • Brain Trauma
    • Spine Trauma

Controlling Pain while Curing the Cause Requires Physicians Specialized in Pain Management

Chronic pain makes all aspects of life more challenging, as it effects performance on the job, quality of time with loved ones, and the enjoyment of hobbies. The CNSO patient achieve pain relief, in any part of their body, under the supervision of our fellowship trained pain management physicians. They help patients overcome an injury causing inflammation, arthritis, pinched nerves, sciatica, joint pain, and herniated discs through noninvasive procedures and physical therapy. CNSO patients are often able to avoid surgery, and get back to doing what they love most! Our pain management treatments include:

    • Trigger point injections
    • Joint injections
    • Steroid injections
    • Epidural steroid injections
    • Transforaminal injections
    • Sciatic Injections
    • Rhizotomy
    • Caudal injections
    • Medial Branch Blocks (MBB)
    • Headaches qualified for Injections
    • Acupuncture
    • Acupressure
    • Medication – non-opiate and opiate
    • And more!

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, pain while sitting or standing, loss of balance, the loss of the ability to move without pain, or other symptoms, request an appointment with Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics today. The CNSO physicians will diagnose your condition and guide you onto the right path to resolution. CNSO locations across Northern New Jersey include Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris, and Sussex County. We will provide you the high-quality attention and treatment you deserve. 

Symptoms help distinguish the location of the injury.

CNSO Conditions for Spine and Brain Surgery

Our Medical Staff

In order to provide an accurate diagnosis with the most effective treatment option for “back problems” and brain tumors, CNSO is led by neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons. Under the care of our award-winning neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons, Northern NJ patients can have the confidence that their medical condition will be handled with consideration for their comfort and long-term well-being as well as technical excellence.

Our award-winning team knows what causes back problems and will only offer solutions that will resolve your discomfort.
New Jersey’s Only Comprehensive Brain, Neck and Back Care Center
Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics is the state’s leading center for comprehensive brain, neck and back care. The award-winning team features board-certified neurosurgeons who are also spine surgeons, physiatrists, and physical therapists who work collaboratively to treat all spine and brain injuries. With multiple offices spanning northern NJ from Bergen County, Essex County, Morris County, Passaic County, Sussex County to Hudson County, including surrounding towns of Montclair, Paramus and Sparta, NJ, patients are welcome to contact Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics today.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Approaches to Back Pain Relief

Physical medicine, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and pain management can eliminate the need for surgery. It will also speed up the recovery time and improve the final outcome after a necessary surgery. Relaxation techniques, pain management, and physical therapy modalities greatly reduce inflammation and its associated pain.
Surgery is offered when conservative efforts have been exhausted or when it is the only means to resolve an injury or tumor. Our surgeons always operate through a small incision site so as to minimize the post-operative discomfort which will reduce and improve the recovery period.

By way of acupuncture, acupressure, trigger point injections, medications, joint injections, epidurals, transforaminal injections, rhizotomy, or caudal injections, pain can be alleviated and inflammation reduced. When used for the correct diagnosis, these treatment options can help reduce a headache, prevent an unnecessary surgery or help recover from an injury.

The team at Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics will accurately identify the correct diagnosis anywhere along the spectrum from mild back pain or a headache to severe spine deformity or brain tumor.

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