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Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey

Victim from Motor Vehicle Accident Rubbing NeckThe human body is not designed to travel at automobile speeds. That is why, despite modern safety standards, our bodies are prone to injury during a car collision. Even a “minor” fender bender at a stop light can cause crippling back pain and neck pain. Contrary to some belief, “minor” damage may be visible on the automobile, however, the human body inside the car most likely will suffer injuries to delicate joints, bones, and ligaments which can get torn apart.

From mild symptoms to serious traumas, Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics (CNSO) understands the serious damaging toll an accident can have on patients both physically and mentally. Fortunately, most injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents such as whiplash, will heal with time. The neurosurgeons at CNSO are highly educated in how to best manage these painful conditions to ensure the victim of a motor vehicle accident can return to work and leisure activities promptly. You can trust the educated team at CNSO to distinguish subtle differences between lesser injuries from more serious conditions that may require more extensive care.

Our doctors understand the toll an accident can have on a patient and their family both physically and mentally.

Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics Treats Victims of Motor Vehicle-Related Accidents

For patients who are victims of a motor vehicle related accident, CNSO offers board-certified neurosurgeons, also spine surgeons, physiatrists, pain management physicians, and physical therapists who provide advanced and compassionate care. The award-winning spine experts serve patients across northern NJ in multiple locations spanning from Passaic County to Sussex County, and surroudning towns including Saddle Brook, Parsippany, and Kinnelon, NJ. Injured patients seek the Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics team to help them get back to their lives. For the safest and most effective treatment after a motor vehicle accident, contact Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics today.

Medical Staff Members of Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics

Our Medical Staff

In order to provide an accurate diagnosis with the most effective treatment option for “back problems” and brain tumors, CNSO is led by neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons. Under the care of our award-winning neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons, Northern NJ patients can have the confidence that their medical condition will be handled with consideration for their comfort and long-term well-being as well as technical excellence.

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