Natural wear and tear of backbone facet joints cause cartilage to slowly erode, allowing adjacent bones to rub against one another causing excessive friction. Bone spurs are small protrusions that grow and form on the facet joints of the spine because of these degenerative changes. While spinal bone spurs can be asymptomatic, painful symptoms may occur when they pinch or put pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots.

The type of symptoms, which occur depends on the location of the bone spur and its severity. A bone spur located in the spine’s lumbar region can cause pain, stiffness, and numbness radiating down the legs and sometimes into the feet. Bone spurs in the neck cause discomfort, which may affect the shoulders, upper extremities down to into the lower extremities. Bones spurs in the neck known as the cervical spine can also cause headaches. In severe cases, the pressure place on the spinal cord can lead to a loss of mobility.

For resolution of their back pain and its subsequent radiation from bone spurs and arthritis, patients living in Fairlawn, New Jersey turn to the award-winning team at Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics. Our team of spine experts for both conservative and surgical spine care have been serving Northern New Jersey since 2007.

Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics’s Comprehensive Approach to Spinal Bone Spurs

When receiving treatment from Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics, Fairlawn-based patients can expect the best results for the entire spectrum of spine conditions including bone spurs of the spine. Our team of experienced board-certified neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, pain management doctors, and physical therapists, will collaborate and assess if patients can improve their bone spur condition through epidural injections, transforaminal injections, physical therapy and non-opiate medication. In more severe cases, when radiographic evidence, such as an CT or MRI, discovers excessive pressure on the spinal cord surgery needs to be considered. Or when conservative treatments fail to reduce symptoms and an MRI or CT shows evidence of the problematic bone spur, our spine surgeons will recommend minimally invasive spine surgery to relieve the discomfort. Only treatment plans that alleviate pain, muscle weakness and restore motor control will be offered.

If you or someone you know suffers from spine bone spurs, relief is just a phone call away. Call (973) 633-1122 to schedule a consultation with one of our spine experts. With several locations throughout northern New Jersey, patients from Fairlawn and the surrounding area have several nearby options to meet with a qualified spine expert.

Doctor Offering Telemedicine Through Laptop
CNSO is now offering telemedicine which allows patients at remote locations such as their home, car, or work, to access CNSO experts quickly and efficiently without requiring any travel. For more information or to schedule a telemedicine visit, call us at 973-633-1122.


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