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Patient Resources in New Jersey

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Patients across northern New Jersey can find comprehensive, transparent medical care at CNSO. Browse CNSO’s patient reviews and testimonials for more information about why patients choose Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics.

Offering advanced, quality surgical and nonsurgical treatments for many spine, nerve, brain, hand, and reconstructive plastic conditions, CNSO is here for patients during every step of care. Our advanced tools, specialized knowledge, and board-certified neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons allow us to provide comprehensive spine and brain care services.

CNSO educates patients on their condition, diagnosis, and treatment options. One way we do this is by offering abundant patient resources. We believe patients who understand their patient rights are equipped to make more informed decisions about their medical care. This ensures patients are comfortable with their care and receive the best treatments for their lifestyle and medical history.

Patient information can be shared through convenient online tools, like the patient portal. Here, patients can access their medical records, like MRI testing results, in an easy-to-use, centralized format.

First Visit Forms

The team of reconstruction surgeons and spine and brain specialists at CNSO puts patient education at the forefront of their consideration. This allows patients to make informed decisions about their health. A first visit with a CNSO specialist is a one-hour-long appointment. During this time, the doctors perform a thorough history of the patient’s symptoms and medical history, formulate a working diagnosis, and create a treatment plan based on the current stage of the patient’s medical condition and previous treatment.

The goal of an initial consultation is to take inventory of the patient’s symptoms, how it has impacted their life, their past and current medical history, and their expectations. After a thorough historical review, the doctor will perform a physical exam evaluation to isolate the location of the distressing medical condition. This optimizes the evaluation so the diagnosis can be established or confirmed. Most conditions are resolved with conservative management, which CNSO provides. Some will require surgery. From spine surgery, reconstructive surgery, plastics, brain surgery, and hand surgery, to more conservative treatments, patients can have the best medicine has to offer at CNSO. The team consists of nationally known neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, hand surgeons, and reconstructive surgeons, as well as pain management physicians and physical therapists.

When arriving for their initial visit, patients should arrive around 10 to 15 minutes early. This provides enough time to complete check-in and new patient paperwork. To get the process rolling, patients can complete the new patient form online or download and print the new patient form PDF. CNSO also offers the new patient form PDF in Spanish.

Patients should also have any imaging on discs and the associated reports, with any information about medical history and current medications, readily available. This ensures new patient appointments are conducted on time and within the timeframe scheduled. It also allows the patients more time to ask questions, learn about their conditions, and understand their treatment options.

Second Opinions

Those who had an outside physician order MRI imaging or had a consultation outside of CNSO can obtain a second opinion at CNSO. This offers the patient more education, information, and confidence about their treatment options. While becoming diagnosed with a neck or spine condition can be stressful, having options can put medical decisions in the patient’s hands. Seeking a second opinion also lets a patient decide which physician and facility they feel most comfortable receiving care.

At CNSO, second-opinion appointments are handled just like new patient appointments. Patients are given a one-hour consultation for a thorough evaluation. If CNSO physicians meet the patient first, CNSO will recommend the patient seek a second opinion and more often find that patients either decline to do so or return to CNSO after they compare CNSO to others.


Telemedicine is a unique approach to medicine that allows patients to complete appointments from wherever they are, including work, home, or while traveling. CNSO has offered its new and existing patients this service for several years. Before the appointment, the spine care staff will verify the patient’s insurance plan to ensure it covers the telemedicine appointment. They also will call patients a few minutes before their appointment to ensure they are ready and can access the software.

During telehealth appointments, there is limited ability for the doctor to diagnose without a physical examination unless it was done prior. If so, during the televisit, the doctor can:

  • Evaluate and diagnose a patient’s condition
  • Review testing results
  • Review and discuss the results of any imaging such as an MRI, CT, or X-ray
  • Conduct ongoing physical therapy home-based appointments

Telemedicine appointments are given the same attention as in-person appointments. Each CNSO medical team member takes ample time to answer patient questions and gather patient information.

CNSO uses specialized software for telemedicine appointments. This software is designed for HIPAA compliance and data security. The software also allows spine physicians to share results from MRI, computed tomography (CT), and X-ray scans, as well as blood tests or neurological evaluations. Patients can access this software from any device, including smartphones, iPads, and web browsers.

CNSO telemedicine appointments are easy and quick to access. Before their appointment, patients are sent a link to the video appointment. Patients simply click the link and are led to their virtual appointment. Telemedicine appointments are especially beneficial for patients who have recently undergone surgery and have questions about recovery. Telemedicine appointments allow them to receive same-day appointments when they may not be able to drive to the office.

Workers’ Compensation

When a patient becomes injured at work, they must work with their employer or employer’s Human Resources Department to access workers’ compensation benefits. In New Jersey, all workers’ compensation-related care is case manager-directed. First, the injured employee must request the workers’ compensation carrier to open a claim. Once a claim is opened, the workers’ compensation carrier must approve the treating physician before they will pay for the care. At CNSO, initial patient visits are scheduled for the same day or, if preferred, within one or two days of receiving the workers’ compensation request. Workers’ compensation appointments also can be completed virtually if permissible by the Workers’ Compensation carrier.

Complying with workers’ compensation plans involves a dedicated medical team aware of the components involved in a workers’ compensation case and anticipates what the patient and their case manager need. In addition to physical therapists, pain management doctors, and surgeons, CNSO has a team of staff who are thoroughly trained in managing all aspects of New Jersey workers’ compensation cases. Within 24 hours of the consultation or surgery, CNSO neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, physical therapists, reconstructive surgeons, hand surgeons, and pain management doctors, update case managers on information such as:

  • Patient improvements
  • Results of medical treatments
  • Quality of care

CNSO surgeons and doctors also know how to take detailed medical reports in the format required for the medical and legal aspects of workers’ compensation cases.

The CNSO team of doctors is also sensitive to situations where a patient would benefit from a specialist outside of CNSO. CNSO staff will make recommendations to the case manager to guide other aspects of treatment, such as assistance for people struggling to cope with their injuries.

Personal Injury

A patient may experience an incident such as a motor vehicle accident, altercation with an animal, slip or fall, or physical violence. If another individual or company is at fault, the patient may choose to secure a personal injury attorney to sue the party at fault for damages incurred. Injuries to the head, face, spine, hand, or disfigurement must receive expert care to fully heal, with minimal scarring. Patients should see expert, specialized physicians, such as those at CNSO, to receive quality care along with an administrative team to help ensure their insurance and the party at fault pays for their care. CNSO treats many patients involved in such a legal case. CNSO has a department of administrative staff dedicated to servicing both the patient and their attorney engaged in such legal cases.

CNSO is New Jersey’s most comprehensive spine center, offering unique expertise on a variety of spine, head, neck, and hand conditions, including disfigurement. For personal injury cases, the CNSO medical team has experience writing detailed consultation notes and operative reports which are highly valued in a legal case. The CNSO doctors and surgeons also produce highly acclaimed narrative reports that are considered in a league of their own by personal injury attorneys.

The medical spine care team at CNSO ensures prompt collaboration between medical personnel, patients, and their legal team. The team updates and informs all parties on a patient’s medical condition as is essential for navigating legal cases.

Balance Billing Patient Rights

CNSO will educate a patient as to their insurance plan benefits and their balanced billing rights. With the enactment of the Federal No Surprises Act and the New Jersey Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act (the NJ Surprise Bill Act) Transparency Act, those receiving elective services or emergency services are only required to pay their plan’s in-network cost-sharing amount. The Federal No Surprises Act protects patients from being charged more than the in-network cost-sharing amount unless the patient signs a balance bill waiver. The itemized cost-sharing expenses specifically are the deductible, copayments, and coinsurance. These out-of-pocket expenses go towards the doctor’s in-network contracted amount or an out-of-network doctor’s total payment for services rendered, according to the patient’s insurance plan. Each plan is different and CNSO will perform an eligibility investigation on behalf of the patient to share with the patient their benefits that may impact the following services:

  • Doctor services
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner services
  • Physician Assistant services
  • Anesthesia
  • Emergency medicine
  • Pathology
  • Radiology

Good Faith Estimate Notice

A Good Faith Estimate can be provided to patients before their consultation or treatment and upon request from the patient. Uninsured, self-pay, and out-of-network patients have a right to receive an estimate of the cost of their care as per the Federal No Surprises Act via a Good Faith Estimate Notice. Complied by the patients’ out-of-network doctor’s staff, the Good Faith Estimate is required by the Federal Law, to be a list of “billed charges” for the intended treatment or diagnostic procedure. Billed charges are often much higher than the provider’s expected payment and always can be negotiated with the provider’s practice. Depending on the care to be provided, these charges could include other providers or facility charges, including anesthesia, pathology, and imaging. If the patient has out-of-network benefits, any of these charges are considered inadvertent care and the patient cannot be balance billed. Also, for any provider, the patient will not have to pay any more than the equivalent cost sharing amount of the in-network provider.

Health Insurance

CNSO communicates with all commercial major medical health insurance plans to share with the patients their benefits and coverage. Some of the most popular insurance carriers in New Jersey are:

CNSO will work with any insurance plan to negotiate reasonable in-network rates. CNSO can work with insurance plans to secure at a minimum, a single-case agreement. The insurance experts at CNSO work with each patient to explore all their options. They also can conduct three-way calls, allowing patients, CNSO insurance experts, and insurance providers to be involved in the discussion.

Reviews and Testimonials

Patients who choose CNSO for their spine, brain, neck, hand, physical therapy, disfigurement, or cosmetic condition choose accessible, transparent, and comprehensive healthcare. CNSO takes a conservative approach utilizing the safest techniques for pain treatment, ideally without the use of opioids, and for lasting pain relief. CNSO has a stepwise approach along the patient’s journey to wellness. The medical team is experienced in all stages of treatment for a multitude of musculoskeletal and plastic conditions, including pain management, physical therapy, and surgery.

CNSO providers are well-trained in state-of-the-art technology that allows neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons to visualize anatomy from multiple angles with minimal size incisions, including the use of robotics. Minimally invasive spine surgery benefits patients through reduced recovery times and shorter hospital stays. Many back, spine, and brain procedures can be completed using minimally invasive techniques.

Patients work with CNSO’s extensive team of dedicated surgical and nonsurgical professionals, including neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, interventional pain management physicians, physiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, and certified physical therapists.

Visit Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics

Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics has a team of dedicated surgical and nonsurgical physicians who understand how much brain and spine pain, or disfigurement, can impact a patient’s life. That is why we have a team of award-winning, board-certified medical spine care specialists serving patients with advanced, conservative spine and brain treatments.

CNSO offers many office locations across northern New Jersey, including Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris, and Hudson counties. To learn more about patient rights and resources, contact CNSO or make an appointment today.

Doctor Offering Telemedicine Through Laptop
CNSO is now offering telemedicine which allows patients at remote locations such as their home, car, or work, to access CNSO experts quickly and efficiently without requiring any travel. For more information or to schedule a telemedicine visit, call us at 973-633-1122.


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