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enters for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics is NJ’s only comprehensive spine care facilities dedicated to diagnosing, treating and alleviating neck pain and back pain. We welcome all patients across northern New Jersey. In addition to our main office located in Wayne, NJ, we also offer six satellite offices across Bergen County, Hudson County, Sussex County, Morris County, Passaic County and Essex County to ensure our patients can receive care close to home. When making an appointment, please communicate all symptoms in which you are experiencing. Contact us today to discuss your spinal condition with one of our doctors!

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Spinal Cord Injury and Fracture

Spinal cord injury and fracture are treatable with careful action. Fractures or dislocation of vertebrae in the spine can be more complicated than any other bone in the body.

Work-Related Back Injury

The most common causes that lead to back pain are posture, repetitive motions and isolated incidents, which can occur in any industry and work environment.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Contributing factors to an influx in motor vehicle accidents include drugs, alcohol, and distracted driving caused by motorists using cell phones.

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