Why CNSO Physical therapy?

CNSO physical therapy is part of a multi-disciplinary team stiving for the same goals:  Reduce pain and improve mobility which will secure an independent quality of life.   Daily direct communication amongst the spine specialists puts the patient first and provides quicker relief via treatment interventions.

CNSO physical therapists are all trained with a concentrated focus and significant experience in spine rehabilitation.  Every CNSO physical therapists is uniquely skilled in spine and orthopedic treatment techniques including Maitland techniques, McKenzie method (a biopsychosocial system of musculoskeletal care emphasizing patient empowerment and self-treatment), and MSI (movement system impairments).  Each spine rehabilitation program is designed to the individual patient with an emphasis on the patient’s learning about the management of their disability or spine disease.  During each CNSO physical therapy session, a patient works directly with a specialized physical therapy doctor.  This hands-on approach allows for the doctor to determine whether the patient is ready to progress and to make immediate modifications in the training program.

Thaddeus Zajac II, PT, DPT, Certified MDT

Director of Physical Therapy

Monika Piwnicka PT, DPT

Physical Therapy

Karen Pollak BS PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapy

Josh Breighner, PT, DPT

Physical Therapy

Kelly Tripi, PT, DPT

Physical Therapy
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