Dr. Michael Umanoff

Interventional Pain Management Doctor

Michael Umanoff MD is a physician for over 30 years in New Jersey, board-certified in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. Dr. Umanoff has served as the Director of Pain Medicine at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for many years and has successfully treated thousands of patients with a variety of painful conditions. Having vast experience in dealing with complex pain involving the spine as well as other areas of the body, he strives to provide treatments that bridge the gap between injections and major surgery. His approach includes utilizing various minimally invasive techniques such as indirect spinal decompression for spinal stenosis and sacroiliac joint fusion for sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  He has also been at the forefront of neuromodulation for the treatment of spinal neuropathic pain, CRPS, and peripheral neuropathies. Treating his patients with time, patience, and attention, as well as the utmost respect and compassion is integral to the comprehensive care that Dr. Umanoff provides.

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