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Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics Provides a Comprehensive Approach to Top Spine and Brain Care

Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics has dedicated its practice to providing renowned brain and spine treatment using a patient-centered approach. Our award-winning neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, have been educated at the top institutions in the country. Their vast experience ranges from diagnosing complex brain and spine conditions which require their operative care, to minor headaches or muscular back strain that can be treated non-surgically. Through knowledge, skill, motivation, and support, our patients successfully obtain optimal brain and spine health. Our compassionate group of experts educates patients on their diagnosis, explains the most effective treatment options and ensures patients understand their expected course towards wellness. When patients cannot visit our 6 offices, CNSO can deliver an “in-office” experience. Our telemedicine service give patients virtual care through real‐time, two‐way communication via secure online virtual sessions.

Why See a Neurosurgeon for Your Spine and Brain?

For spine and brain conditions requiring surgery, the value of an evaluation by a neurosurgeon is their rigorous training. A neurosurgeon studies the structural biomechanics of the back, including the bones, discs, and muscles, as well as the central nervous system which is responsible for the communication between the brain, spine, and nerves. Consequently, neurosurgeons are the only surgeons licensed to operate on, not just the vertebral bones of the back, but also on the spinal cord, its branching nerves, the blood vessels that supply the entire nervous system including the brain, and the brain tissue itself.

With their definitive expertise, the esteemed physicians at Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics philosophically take a conservative approach towards care. Every evaluation involves the consideration of whether a medically proven, evidence-based, non-invasive technique would ultimately treat the patient. Surgery is only offered once it is determined that it would be the best or only option for a cure or improvement to a patient’s condition.

Medical Staff Members of Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine & Orthopedics

Our Medical Staff

In order to provide an accurate diagnosis with the most effective treatment option for “back problems” and brain tumors, CNSO is led by neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons. Under the care of our award-winning neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons, Northern NJ patients can have the confidence that their medical condition will be handled with consideration for their comfort and long-term well-being as well as technical excellence.

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We have 6 locations throughout northern New Jersey. We are fluent in: Spanish, Korean, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Mandarin Chinese, and English

Spine and Brain Care

Spine Surgeon= Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeons are trained in the surgical treatment of the neck, back and nerves performing small incisions which result in less pain and a quicker recovery.


Spine Surgeon=Neurosurgeon

Providing vast experience from evaluating minor cases to diagnosing complex conditions and performing spine surgeries.

Brain Surgeon= Neurosurgeon

Experts in operating on the brain, spine and nervous system using an evidence based medicine approach.


Brain Surgeon=Neurosurgeon

Specializing in the surgical treatment of brain tumors and vascular malformation.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Advanced non-surgical treatments and therapies, can eliminate the need for surgery or supplement recovery when surgery is required.


Pain Management

Advanced non-surgical treatments and therapies, can eliminate the need for surgery or supplement recovery when surgery is required.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Approaches to Back and Brain Disorders


Spinal cord injuries can occur from trauma to the back resulting in the vertebrae, or discs pushing onto the spinal cord causing pain or loss of movement.


Arthritis, as well as other bone diseases, can cause the deterioration of the bony structures surrounding the spine. This leads to back pain and difficulty with movement.


For a torn or bulging disc to occur, there is often the history of an injury, accident, or a congenital structural abnormality of the spinal column.


As there are many different interconnected structures that make up the spinal column, when they do not optimally align and articulate, spinal deformities, such as scoliosis form.


The spinal cord originates in the brain as a bundle of nerves and extends throughout the back. Small nerves branch off and travel throughout the body. This nervous system is subject to tumor growth.


Each type of brain tumor and its location within the brain has different implications with regard to treatment and expected outcomes. Brain neurosurgeons are experts at removing each type of brain tumor.


The type of headache symptoms, location, and frequency experienced determines the treatment option offered.


Occasionally it is necessary to correct a previous operation because of an unexpected stress placed on the back causing structural alignment changes.

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On each patient’s case, the highest caliber of board-certified neurosurgeons, recognized experts in spine and brain surgery, collaborate with a non-surgical team of physicians and physical therapists.

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Referring physicians, patients, adjustors, and nurse case managers across northern New Jersey trust the excellent team of doctors at Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics for their care. Patients of Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics can be seen conveniently close to their home or workplace as our offices span Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, and Morris County as well as nearby towns of Montclair, Jersey City and Morristown, NJ.

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